We all have a desire to wander. An inclination to escape the frenzied world around us and “disappear” on our own personal adventures. Many people are scared to go out of their comfort zone because of the danger that may follow. These adventures are about getting out of your head, and following your heart. The first step to embarking on your adventure is letting go. Do less planning than you feel comfortable with, and erase all expectations on what will unfold.


Incorporate adventure into your daily life. Let go of the life on your screen, stresses of your work, or school and follow your heart. It can be something small to start with. Next time a friend presents you with an opportunity you would usually turn down out of fear, take a chance and accept their offer. The only thing that’s in the way of your potential is you.

Start with picking your location. Think of the places you’ve imagined yourself going, but have never gotten the chance. Ignore the practical voice in your head and let go of your fears. What you should be left with is your perfect place to adventure. You may need a place to sit quietly and think, a fast-paced area to try new things, or anywhere you can channel a mysterious side of yourself.

Finally, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are a part of learning about your wants and needs, which is what adventuring is for. Don’t let life escape you, get a good look at the world because life is not meant for you to live in one place. Now, it is time for you to go out into the world and collect meaningful moments.

story by daisy friedman photos by elliot evans

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