For many seniors, participation in their high school sports and activities comes to an end following graduation. For senior varsity dance team members Kera Lawrence and Abby Tigani, this is not the case. Both Lawrence and Tigani will be continuing their dance team career this fall- Lawrence at Nebraska Wesleyan University, and Tigani at the University of Kansas.

In order to earn a spot on the team, both Lawrence and Tigani had to audition.

“I went down to Wesleyan and we had tryouts from like 10 am to three,” Lawrence said. “We had to learn a dance, we had to bring a dance, and we just did a ton of different technique.”

While Lawrence’s tryouts lasted a day, Tigani’s tryouts were a three day process.

“You had to learn the dance on your own off of an email, and then on Friday night everyone met and you go over the dance,” Tigani said. “Then on Saturday morning you come back, you do conditioning, you do semi-finals, then they make a cut. There was another cut Saturday night, and then Sunday was finals.”

To find success with their audition, both Lawrence and Tigani said they prepared the week of by going over the dances they’d have to perform, and practicing their technique. Lawrence and Tigani said that their time on their high school dance team also prepared them for a successful audition.

“School dance team prepared me because it got me used to the style that non-studio dance is,” Tigani said. “I understood pom motions,  sharpness and engaging with the crowd. Studio dance you don’t have that.”

Lawrence’s practices will start in August, a week before classes start. Tigani’s will begin in the middle of July. Tigani said that practices in July will consist mostly of conditioning and preparation for dance team camp, which will take place the first week of August.

Lawrence and Tigani said they’re excited to be a part of their respective team for multiple reasons.

“I’m excited to already have a group of girls at college that I can bond with, it’s a great way to make friends,” Lawrence said. “I’m excited to keep dancing.”

Senior and varsity dance team member Kayla Sonnleitner also plans to try out for college dance team at South Dakota State University later this month.

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