On Wednesday, May 2, Westside High School held their eleventh annual Fashion Design Show. Juniors and seniors in fashion were given an opportunity to display every piece they had designed or made throughout their high school experience. A judge then went around to award an “excellent” ribbon to the best piece for each designer. The judge also awarded honorable mentions, best of show, and first through third place. Freshmen and sophomore students in fashion were given a chance to display one of their items in the windowed art gallery. It was a night given to show off the students’ hard work and talent.

“Fashion is not just clothing,” fashion teacher Mary Jo Losen said.  “It allows them to be very creative and think outside the box.”

Overall, five students were given honorable mentions: seniors Angelo Brown, Hailey Dargy, Sebastian Perquin, Evan Price, and junior Bram Sullivan. Best of show was awarded to Valerie Cuevas. First place was given to Monica Eaton, second to Margaret Larson, and third to Ashley Harrington.

“Fashion doesn’t have any barriers, it’s very independent so students can go as far as they want with it,” Losen said.

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