Anatomy Photo Essay

Anatomy is the study of the function and the structure of the body. Here at Westside, you can take multiple classes that can teach you what each of the body parts do in the different classes, and kingdoms of animals. Starting with Zoology, it takes the student through almost all of the animal kingdoms including the different types of worms. Each kingdom has its own animal to dissect, to learn how all the structures connect and work together. After you complete Zoology, you are able to continue the studying Anatomy in Physiology. With this class, you go through more in depth stages leading up to the biggest dissection offered here, a cat. However, this year. Our science department was unable to get enough cats to have successful lab, so they instead chose rabbits. They chose this animal due to the fact that the structure is so similar. Overall, if you are looking for an interesting class to take and want to learn about animals then this is the class for you.

story and photos by kylie shanahan

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