On Tuesday, February 27th Westside’s Drawing and Painting 2 class went on a field trip to artist Therman Statem’s studio, Bemis. This was the first field trip the art department had taken. 

“It was a good experience, I got to experience life through the eyes of other artists and their works of art,” junior Maddie Jagels said.

During their time at Bemis they met with resident artists John Yoyogi Fortes and Nyame Brown. They were able to talk to them and ask them about their art and any other questions they may have. It was most of the students first time at Bemis.

“I had no clue that programs like these existed, let alone that one of the best and biggest programs is located here,” junior Alaina Mann said. “It was so cool to me that Omaha was attracting people from all across the world for this program.”

After this experience many students said they were inspired by everything they saw and it gave them new ways to look at their own art.

“It gave me new ways to look at my pieces and new ways to approach them to make me a better artist,” Jagels said. “It also encouraged me to let go a little and try new ideas or mediums.”

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