With returners who competed at State last year, resources for improved mental focus, and preparation in the off-season, the boys golf team looks to improve this season. Juniors Peter Rasmussen and Emery Gigantelli have confidence for success this spring.

“I think our varsity team that we had previously from last year has gotten a lot stronger over the summer and have really worked up their game over the winter,” Gigantelli said.

Gigantelli said that off-season training often consists of indoor practicing, and stretching to stay loose for the season. Boys golf coach Brett Froendt also mentioned that most of the preparation happens individually.

“They have to work hard on their games and they have to work with swing instructors and things like that so it’s different than most sports,” Froendt said. “They have a lot of individual instruction and a lot of individual practice time.”

In-season, the golfers practices consist of several different methods to prepare for optimal success on the course.

“We work on certain shots, we work on trouble shots, we work on chip, sand shots,” Froendt said. “Every day we go to practice we’ll have kids doing different things. Some will be playing, some will be working on individual shots.”

The team hopes their hard work during practice will help them be strong competitors this season.

“Hopefully [we will] qualify for State for the third year in a row,” Rasmussen said.

On top of physical practice, the team will be also be working on their mental game by meeting with a sports psychologist. The psychologist will help the boys with mental imagery and mindfulness, with the goal to improve focus while playing.

“Teenagers and golf, which requires a lot of mental focus, sometimes is a challenge,” Froendt said. “We’re gonna try to introduce some disciplines that help them manage the course, manage their game, and hopefully improve their performance. If they’re willing, I think it can definitely improve our performance.”

Best of luck to the boys golf team with their upcoming season.

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