Confidence with a Dot of Creativity

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Some people believe that the standard for having style requires a tremendous load of money, time, and effort. That may be true for some cases but for others, all it takes is a hint of creativity, some Goodwill shopping, and confidence. Senior Kelsie Watson is a strong believer in forming your own outfits from simple clothes and being confident in your skin.

“Fashion can come in different forms and different styles. I believe that fashion starts with the person. You have to add your own little flavor. If you see something, you can’t copy the exact same thing, you have to make it different in a way,” Watson said.

Making it different can mean mixing different styles together into a fashion fusion or adding some extravagant accessories to your daring look. Watson personally enjoys wearing black and white stripes and her favorite colors to wear are olive green and mustard yellow. These popping subtle colors bring out Watson’s skin tone which adds a creative touch to her look. Watson believes that many people have what it takes to have good style, they just aren’t willing to express it or lack imagination.

“A lot of people have style but it’s the same style. If a person adds their own touch to it, you can tell the difference [and see] that they’re creative,” Watson said.

Some of Watson’s fashion inspirations include celebrities like Taraji P. Henson and foreign models. For example, models from Africa impress Watson and were partially the reason for her style choices. Seeing them wear bold and interesting colors, like mustard yellow, was something that she was inspired by.

However, colors and patterns don’t complete a look. One can wear the most audacious outfit and yet feel completely unaware of how good they look. Watson thinks what finishes off an outfit is confidence; confidence in yourself, wearing something that makes you happy and makes you say, “Dang, I look good,”

“Another thing about fashion is you do it for yourself, you’re not really doing it for other people,” Watson said.

Watson doesn’t believe that clothing defines who she is as a person. It’s the confidence and creativity in her that really contributes to her overall fashionable aura. One of Watson’s pet peeves is when someone’s outfit doesn’t match, because she thinks this is crucial. Accessories are something that Watson always admires on both herself and on other people, but there should be a limit to how much you put on. Some looks can be overpowering and while that may be something a person can prefer, that isn’t the case for Watson.

Having style does not have to mean that you have to wear high value and expensive brands. You may not need to wear Gucci slippers or an Adidas jacket to feel beautiful, confident, and fashionable. For Watson, buying clothes from stores like Half of Half is convenient and really something that anyone can do. Watson loves deals and doesn’t judge brands. Sometimes, she believes that brands can be completely overrated and even though you have an expensive shirt, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have developed a sense of ‘the Vogue life’.

“I’m not really materialistic. I don’t have a preference. I kinda get my clothes everywhere,” Watson said.

So no matter what clothes you choose and how long or short of a skirt you wear, you’re still you underneath. We can use fashion as a way to express ourselves, to escape reality, or to just feel confident in our skin and be happy. Whichever one it is, for Watson it’s something that is a part of her life and won’t change anytime soon. Watson feels self-assured, happy, and beautiful in the things she wears and that’s what matters.


story by anastasiya petrosyan, photos by anna greene

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