In 2017, Nintendo was on a roll. Releasing games like Breath of the Wild, which was critically acclaimed, and Super Mario Odyssey, which I previously did a review on, found here. It also sold over 10 million copies with the Nintendo Switch, which has been deemed a very successful console overall.

About three weeks ago, Nintendo released a video of its next major planned project, and their first major project of 2018; Nintendo Labo, a series of buildable cardboard sets that can be used to play unique Switch games aimed for young children. The two sets contain a game and the cardboard, one pack – the Variety Kit – holding six small projects, and the other – the Robot Kit – holding just one large project.

While it has been mocked for being a simple product, and for appealing to a younger audience, it rose Nintendo’s American stock prices by about ten percent total in the week after it was announced, according to Bloomberg. Intended to test new abilities with the Switch, and, as previously stated, to appeal to younger people, Labo is coming out April 20, 2018.

Personally, I believe that Nintendo Labo is a great way to appeal to younger people, as Nintendo is starting to lean slightly towards more adult material, releasing more M rated games on the Switch and advertising them more than they would before. Nintendo isn’t losing its touch, but it’s definitely trying to strengthen it with Nintendo Labo, and I admire that.

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