Once again it is time for the annual event at Westside, Battle of the Bands. This year, seven groups are performing:

Phat as Phunk


Chad Fey

Ashleigh Madsen

Ben Waxberg

Haley Gagne

Connor Smith

Reese Pike

Christian Madsen

Grace Calderon

Phat as Phunk will be performing Miss Madison by Phat Phunktion, a band from which they drew the inspiration for their own name. They will be performing with a range of different instruments, with vocals from Chad Fey.




Maddy Stark

Ashleigh Madsen

James Henry

Nathan Wolf

Christian Madsen

Tommy Simon

Mahmoud Amoura

Jackson Hanus

622 is returning for another round of Battle of the Bands. The former champions include many of the same group members, but some seniors have left and new members have joined. They will be performing New Soul by Yael Naim.


Band Name


Philip Andres

Kevin Dong

Shayla Cridale

Mason Sanwick

Band Name will be performing their own mix of Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles and Crazy Mix by MIX5. They will perform with vocals along with a variety of instruments.




Nick Hollman

Kadin Williams

Eliot Gray

Chris Mullins

Max Zweiback

MILK is a group composed of all freshmen. They will be performing Beautiful Disaster by 311.




Chad Fey

Mason Sanwick

Owen Beckenhauer

Jack Moseman

Will Morrow

Elijah Marburg

BAM! will feature an ensemble of drums, piano, bass, and vocals. They will perform Careless Whisper by George Michael.


Pagan Athletes


Nathan Wolf

Ryan Alger

Griffin Wolf

Pagan Athletes are unique from the other groups, as they will be performing an original song, titled Stravinsky. The band features a vocalist, drums, and a casio keyboard.

The final band performing is Mondo and the Squeezers. The group members consist of Casey Plucinski, Brenden Plucinski, Cannon Dunwoody, Roman Constantino, and Joe Murphy.

The Battle of the Bands will take place during Winter Formal this Saturday at 8 p.m. You can buy tickets at the business office for $10, or buy them at the door for $15.

Story by Simmy Niroula and Audrey Egbert

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