Bob’s Donuts Review

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     The Blackstone District is a new and upcoming area close to downtown Omaha. Housing anything from apartments, to a meatball restaurant, and to one of the hottest ice cream joints. One of its newest additions is a small donut shop called Bob’s Donuts.

   The shop itself is very quaint and modern. The majority of the walls are covered in a sleek white subway tile and a big royal blue neon sign with the words “Bob’s: Donuts Coffee Chicken”. Although the donuts might be big, the table space is not. There is one long booth seat curving around two adjacent walls, but only four small tables to go with it. Altogether, the place has a cool aesthetic, but might need to convert to a bigger space to appeal to their growing rate of customers. Prices are on a higher cost-spectrum than your average donut. They range between $2.20 for classic donuts and $3.50 for Bob’s Faves donuts. The majority of donuts served are big, square, and hold their shape when you eat them.

    I tried three donuts; two classics, the glaze square and the chocolate cake glaze with sprinkles, and my fall favorite, the maple. Out of those three donuts the front runner, for me, was the maple donut. The creamy maple frosting melts in your mouth, the airy dough adds the perfect balance to the sweetness of the frosting, and altogether it was delicious. Up next on my favorites list was the chocolate glaze with sprinkles. Like the maple, it had a creamy frosting but it held a heavy chocolate flavor instead of maple and had just enough sprinkles to not draw attention away from the frosting. The dough was a cake dough and tasted like a delicious rich chocolate cake. This donut was the only one I tried that had the classic circle shape, but was significantly smaller than the other donuts. My least favorite was the glaze square donut. I was given a cold donut that didn’t taste fresh, almost as if it had been sitting out for a couple of days. Although my donut was cold, it still held its shape and wasn’t too sweet like some donuts can be. I had high expectations for the glaze because the other two donuts were so good, but none of my predictions were met.

    Bob’s Donuts doesn’t just sell donuts. They also offer reasonably priced chicken sandwiches and tater tots. Unfortunately, I did not get the opportunity to try either the chicken sandwiches or the tater tots. All in all, I would probably choose a cheap and close Krispy Kreme donut over one from Bob’s Donuts. But if you’re looking for an alternative to the basics, you can always head down to Bob’s Donuts to get some donuts or chicken.

3824 Farnam St Suite 122, Omaha, NE 68131

story by reagan fehr, photos by kyndall goodwin

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