If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a gabillion times; Star Wars is one of the most overrated movie franchises of all time. However, The Last Jedi blew me far beyond out of the water. It was action packed, dark, and like Force Awakens it continues to be nostalgic towards the original trilogy. Now, I’m gonna do my very best not to spoil this movie, but I apologize in advance in case I do.

In some ways, The Last Jedi picks up right where Force Awakens left off at. I say in some ways because it doesn’t start right away with Luke and Rey at the top off an island mountain. Instead, it starts with an aerial battle that is actually done right! I’ve seen aerial battles throughout the franchise that are only fun, but this opening battle was fantastic. I won’t say what happens other than near the end it somewhat transitions to Luke and Rey. For a long time, we’ve all been wondering what is the first thing Luke will say or do in front of Rey. Will it be something like “who are you” or “what do you want” or even a little smile? Nope, it becomes a pretty humorous moment that I think would disappoint some fans who have waited endlessly.

From there, the plot unfolds and not once did The Last Jedi get slow or drag. I will say there were some moments that made me scratch my head in cluelessness. Nevertheless, it didn’t impact my overall opinion of the movie. There were some subplots that seemed unnecessary or felt rushed though. As for the main storyline, it stayed consistent and didn’t fall on its face.

When it came to performances, in the movie there were a couple outstanding ones. Let me start with Mark Hamill who, even at 66, still has that power as Luke when he did back in the original films. Luke maybe torn apart here, but Hamill still provides tension Luke has on being a Jedi master and his old self. When Luke’s final moment of screen time comes around, the audience knows he goes out with a bang. What exactly is that bang, I refuse to say and let you find out what it is. Next, let’s talk about Adam Driver as Kylo Ren/Ben Solo! My gosh I have never seen someone play a character so lost and confused as Driver did here. Also, Ben is a lot more likable this time around and we can’t help but feel empathetic towards him. Even after this movie ended, I feel like Ben might still be divided on whether or not he can be good or still be the evil he always has been.

So Hamill and Driver have the best performances and everyone else is doing what they do, with the exception of Carrie Fisher. Just seeing her on screen as Leia broke my (and Star Wars fans everywhere) heart(s). We all know this is her last film and it’ll be tough moving along without her in episode nine. All of this aside, Fisher’s curtain call is one for the books. There might have been a moment where we all thought Leia was going to die, but she doesn’t and we continue on with the movie.

Okay, if I seem like I’m running out of steam or I’m fumbling, I apologize. I’m trying so hard not to spoil anything. So I’ll just end with talking about the controversy of The Last Jedi on Rotten Tomatoes. If you don’t know, The Last Jedi’s critic score is certified fresh at 93% while the audience score is rotten at 56%. I don’t understand why audiences are on the fence about this movie because all of the reviews I’ve read have all been good ones. Are fans upset that The Last Jedi wasn’t what it hoped to be? Do they just not like it period? I just don’t know! So to wrap this up, see The Last Jedi if you have the time and choose your side on opinions. For me personally, I was very satisfied with The Last Jedi and is probably the number one movie in the series.

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