Thee Oh Sees, otherwise known as Oh Sees, and OCS have been the driving force behind the San Francisco psych-rock. Since their conception as OCS (Orinoka Crash Suite), they’ve been shaping the sound in San Francisco. Their sound has rubbed off on artists like Ty Segall, Wand, The Peacers, and many more bands with Castleface records. Starting off with a softer psychedelic-folk sound, OCS put out 4 records. Eventually, they changed the name but kept the sound. This lead to The Cool Death of Island Raiders by Thee Oh Sees. After Thee Hounds of Foggy Notion, they put out two similar records. These were Sucks Blood, and Thee Hounds of Foggy Notion. It was shortly after this time they changed their sound to a more punk oriented style of psychedelia.

With Help, their sound began to transform into what we saw hints of on Sucks Blood. During this time they switched to In the Red Records. There were several records leading up the Carrion Crawler/The Dream, which was a distinct moment when their new sound was honed very well and executed in a slightly more accessible matter. This sound continued for several years. Some exceptional records during this time were Floating Coffin (when they switched to Castleface), and Mutilator, Defeated at last. Recently, they changed to the name Oh Sees, and put out Orc which was slightly different than other records with a new style of singing, and different instrumentation in some songs like Nite Expo.

After Orc, they changed their name back to OCS and recorded Memory of a Cut-Off Head which came out in November, 2017. This record obviously changed their sound back to the original stripped-back folk sound. Throughout all these records, Thee Oh Sees/Oh Sees/OCS have stayed consistently mind-blowing, and they are one of the most prolific bands of today.

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