As winter quickly rolls in, illnesses begin to spread throughout the school. “Cover Your Cough” is a campaign by the Nebraska Health Department that is meant to help students become more aware of the germs they are spreading. Westside has done this campaign for two years now but school nurse, Deb Raven, said she wants make it a bigger deal this year than in years past.

“[Cover Your Cough] is a campaign that got started to get attention to the spread of germs, how to stop the spread of germs and how to distribute information [about germs] in a really easy, clear-cut and concise way,” Raven said.

The Westside medical group has been involved in years before but Raven said that it didn’t take off how she wanted it to. Raven wants more school groups to contribute to make the campaign more familiar to students.

“I would love DECA to be involved and the medical group involved,” Raven said. “I’d love all kinds of contests about [Cover Your Cough], just to get it out there.”

Raven believes students are more creative when coming up with ideas to promote a campaign.

“I’d love to watch the students take it because that’s what makes it way more fun and better,” Raven said.

The education piece of “Cover Your Cough” will last for a week, but being aware of the spread of germs will always be present at Westside.

Story by Laina Bayles.

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