On Tuesday, November 28, the boys and girls basketball teams helped in a kindness retreat. As a member of the boys varsity basketball team, junior Chase Thompson feels as though the kindness retreat is a great way for kids to become united. 

“They wanted to create an environment where no kid is left out,” Thompson said. “Everybody feels like they’re included in everything.”

The retreat includes several activities throughout the day, focusing on kindness, anti-bullying, and even some singing.

“There were a bunch of songs and singing, which is actually kind of fun,” Thompson said. “The people that came were good singers. They sang “Lean On Me” and a bunch of positive, upbringing, songs. It was just fun.”

Thompson feels that the retreat helps students feel more comfortable around one another. 

“It really made everybody feel that they can relax in front of everybody,” Thompson said. “It brought out how everyone can not be all serious all the time which is always fun.”

Photo gallery by Yousra Abdulrazig and story by Jane Glazer.

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