Westside has various unique clubs. One of these is the fishing club, where students get together to try to catch some fish. Teacher John Bombac says that fishing club is a way to get together with your peers and bond over the love of fishing.

“[The best part is] we get to share fishing stories with other people that enjoy fishing,” Bombac says.

“Fishing club is a group organized by the school and every weekend we go out to a new spot and go fishing. We also sometimes have meetings before school,” freshman Aiden Karpf said.

Fishing club started out so that three students could get to compete in fishing competitions until it was then decided to make the club available to the rest of the school. “We have an app so if someone’s going fishing they can just send out to the whole club where they’re going and everyone goes out,” Bombac said.

The club fishes as much as they can on the weekends.

“We fish every Saturday unless it is really cold. I love that we get to fish with other people and you really create a bond with the other kids. I’ve made a lot of friends through this club because we talk while we’re fishing,” Karpf said.

They fish everywhere around Omaha but “we went to one spot called Prairie Queen and that’s been my favorite so far,” Karpf said.

If you have a passion for fishing then fishing club is for you. Not only is it about fishing but you get to sit and relax on a Saturday surrounded by friends doing something you love.

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