Yellow Days, otherwise known as George Van Den Broek, is an 18 year old singer songwriter from Haslemere, UK. He’s known for his phenomenal voice, poetic lyrics, and jangly-jazzy guitar riffs. He shares traits with artists like King Krule and Cosmo Pyke.


Is Everything Okay in Your World? Is the successor to Yellow Days’ first EP Harmless Melodies. It has a similar feel, with an exact aesthetic. Only this time, Everything has twice as much music, landing at about an hour. On top of that, there is an excess of instrumentation. Instead of the usual guitar, bass, drums, and occasional keyboard, there is more diversity. There is more usage of keyboard, piano, synths, and even horns in some songs.


The album opens with a chilled out keyboard ballad “Bag of Dutch.” It immediately goes into a song called “That Easy” which takes a full 180 in terms of energy. It is a brilliant display of Yellow Days’ talent as a singer and musician. Throughout the album there is a mix of emotions, taking you through the mind of Yellow Days. It even introduces some collaborations with rappers like Rejjie Snow.


Everything is an album that is good for any occasion; easy listening, heavy dissection, and just driving aimlessly. Because of this, it has become one of my favorite albums of the year.

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