Since he was a young boy Doug Kabourek has been in love with haunted houses. He grew up making haunted houses in his garage with old sheets and strobe lights, today he has taken that love to a whole new level by renovating his house into an 80’s themed horror home. Kabourek has spent the last 6 months changing an everyday home into a haunted house that is open to the public for one night, Halloween.

   “I actually wanted to make it a professional haunted house but I learned that it was much too expensive” Kabourek said.

   He wen online and hit the message boards talking to people all over the country who have renovated their homes for scaring purposes and got pointers from the pros. When making the house Kabourek drew inspiration from the houses he attended in the past.

   “I wanted to go to this haunted house that made you feel like you’ve gone back in time” Kabourek said.

   The house is strongly influenced by metal music from the 80’s. When talking about the house Kabourek said that the “story” behind it would be that two teenage rock fanatics built a haunted house to scare the neighborhood kids. The house is open on October 31st, and is free entry, but he is accepting donations for for the Food Bank of the Heartland and Glacier Creek Nature Preserve. Each room will have a different theme surrounding music from the era with a spooky twist.

   “Everyone wants to relive their childhood Halloween, I’m just taking it to the next level” Kabourek said.

   Kabourek is excited to showcase his masterpiece and hopes to do it for many years to come.  

story and photos by kendall brekke

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