As Halloween approaches, Westside halls are whispering with conversation: “Hummel is so sketchy at night.” “The Ouija board is definitely real.” “If you saw the ghost, prove it.” And while Omaha is haunted, you’re not going see a demon possessing someone downtown or on your street.

Jamie Nystroyl, owner of Midwest Paranormal History Tours, said, “There are plenty of places in Omaha that are haunted, some nights I [take my tours] to locations and we don’t see anything, and some nights we go to locations and people see things, hear things. It’s not like one site is perpetually haunted and you’re going to have an experience every single time you go there. That’s just not the way it works.” So, with that in mind, here are some locations in Omaha that are haunted.

To start, amusement parks like Haunted Hallow or Scary Acres that ‘claim’ to be haunted are—you guessed it: aren’t actually haunted according to their website. So, if you’re looking for the classic Halloween scare in a safe environment, but no paranormal experiences—check these places out.

If you want to take things a step further, check out local haunted locations during the day. Hummel Park and cemeteries provide you with a safe, eerie vibe without the fear for your life.

“Haunted locations during the day are safe as long as you’re being cool about it. Still be safe, not be breaking the law and [you’ll] still have some sort of experience,” said Nystoryl.

If you want to cut to the chase though, and are in for a scare, paranormal experience, but don’t really want to risk your safety, the best bet is local Omaha business Mystery Manor.

“Mystery Manor is legitimately haunted.” Nystoryl said. “It’s not just a scary hooky Halloween story. It seriously is a haunted house on the safe end. [It is] for sure, Mystery Manor has a back story on it. You can have stuff happen at Mystery Manor that you think is part of the hokiness, when actually it really is really paranormal.”

The most dangerous and unsafe haunted location, with almost a guaranteed experiences is Hummel Park at night.

“The first thing you need to know about Hummel Park there could be humans there doing things that they don’t want you to see.” Said Nystoryl. “There are sketchy people in Hummel Park at night. [The other thing is that] Hummel Park is absolutely haunted. The backstory is that there is just no way that 202 acres which makes up Hummel Park could have the amount of tragedy happen there without that place being cursed … Forget about the murders and the bodies that have been found (according to Omaha World-Herald and WOWT)—there has been an obscene amount of car accidents, there’s been numerous rapes and suicides there. For so many horrible things to happen on such a small plot of land, that it’s haunted.”

So what about summoning games like Charlie Charlie, The Midnight Man, and the infamous Ouija board? Nystroyl has some advice:

“You guys are teenagers, so you guys tango with things that you don’t understand,” Nystroyl said. “If you brought an Ouija board into the same room that I was standing in, I would leave the room. You think it’s fun, and a lot of people think it’s fake, but not all of them are. You think you’re having a good time until you welcome something that you don’t know into your life and you don’t have the know how or courage to close that door.”

If you still don’t believe Omaha isn’t haunted, check these locations out, but be warned: don’t mess with things you don’t understand, and be safe.


story by vinny nelson, photos by kyndall goodwin

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