One of the most anticipated tech events of the year happened on Tuesday, Sept. 12, and was met with some mixed reviews. Apple’s September Keynote is an annual press conference held by the company where they usually announce the anticipated new iPhone. This year, people didn’t seem to miss the fact that it has been ten years since Apple released the first iPhone, and knowing Apple, they have to create a special iPhone, right? Predictions were accurate, and along with the special edition phone, Apple also introduced a new Apple Watch, and a “normal” iPhone. Here is what you need to know.

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, started off the keynote with announcing the new Apple Watch. Unlike the similarities between the Series 2 and the Series 1, this new edition comes with a much wanted feature; the ability to connect to your phone to use cellular service. Apple Watches of the past could only be used past the capability of a watch when your phone was near it. With this new watch, you can use messages, phone, and even listen to music with your phone away from you. So what does this mean? Well, if you like to take a run, or you just don’t feel like bringing your phone to somewhere, you can now text other people, or get access to Apple’s full  Apple Music library on the go. This new watch virtually makes the device a smaller phone on your wrist.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

After some other announcements from Apple TV, Apple finally got to what everybody was there for. They announced the new iPhone. Apple calls it iPhone 8, and well, it looks exactly like the current iPhone 7. Besides the new glass back on the 8 and 8 Plus, the physical design is pretty much the same thing.  This is an opinion Think of the 8 to the 7 as the 6 to the 6S. It is virtually the same phone, with just some minor adaptations. Some need-to-know features of the 8 and 8 Plus start with the new A11 chip inside of the phone. Apple claims that this chip is 25 percent faster than the old one, which could help out a lot with the overall speed of your new phone.  Also, both cameras have improved, including a new portrait mode for the 8 Plus. Apple also says that these phones will have Augmented Reality capabilities, providing a cool insight to the future of AR. But finally, the most speculated and wanted feature of this phone is the wireless charging. Nearly 5 years behind the competition, Apple has put wireless charging in its phones. This will provide a much easier way to charge your phone then plugging in that incredibly tedious lightning cord. Now all you have to do it set your phone on the charging port, and your phone will be charging up for your next day. This phone will be the same price as the previous iPhone at $699 and you can get it next Tuesday, September 19.

One more thing…iPhone X (pronounced “ten” by the way)

Just when you thought that there would only be one iPhone announced, Apple had a little surprise up their sleeve. A “revolutionary” phone called the iPhone X. The home button? Gone. Annoying bezels on the top and bottom of the phone? Gone. The iPhone X is screen, and then more screen. Even though the phone is only half an inch taller than the iPhone 8, the actual screen is a full inch bigger. Speaking of the screen, it will have much better quality with a Super OLED display. This phone is also packed with a A11 chip. Since there is no more home button, you will tap to wake the phone, and then use a new technology called Face ID to unlock your phone. This new feature is exactly how it sounds; the phone makes sure that it is actually you before it unlocks the phone. Then you just have to swipe up, and the phones features will be at your touch. Apple even claims that the phone will still recognize you if you change your hairstyle or get glasses. It will also have wireless charging, and a brand new vertical camera. But most importantly, Apple claims that this phone will have two extra hours of battery. So what is not to like? Well, this new phone has a steeper price at $999. It is just the question of whether it is worth it or not. You can buy it November 3 and pre-order mid October.


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