The theater that captured Dundee’s quaint culture for more than 88 years was sealed up in 2013 for renovations that never took place. Local hearts sank with the bearing of this news as the community had lost a valuable landmark. Generations of Omaha families that have become familiar with the screen, mourned the remains of the theater. The city of Omaha held on to hope that one day, the doors would reopen, and the velvet seats would be filled once again. Finally, the peoples’ wishes were granted. The historical theater that brought soul to the neighborhood is being revived.

Film Streams Ruth Sokolof Theater has brought a wide variety of films to Omaha over the years since Dundee Theater’s absence. The Ruth Sokolof Theater has been bringing culture, support for small filmmakers, and arts education to Omaha recently. With the presence of two theaters specialized in independent films, the benefits are endless. Both theaters will be used to host an assortment of programs organized through Film Streams.

Film Streams’ programming, including our First-Run Films, Repertory Selections, Education initiatives, community collaborations, and special programs, such as visiting filmmakers, will take place across both spaces,” Deputy Director of Film Streams, Casey Logan said.

Having two theaters will also allow for a wider selection of movies to be showing, interchanging them more frequently, and constantly adding variety.

“The two venues, and the ability to program films on more than the two screens we currently have to work with, will really help us bring to town more films and film-related opportunities, such as filmmaker visits,” Logan said.

Although renovations are going to be made to the Dundee Theater, the historical authenticity is not at stake. Film Streams is making it a priority to preserve the crucial historical aspects of the last art movie house in Omaha.

“The community is really helping to keep an amazing cultural landmark alive in our city,” Logan said.

It’s in everyone’s interest to keep this buildings history alive. Film Streams wants to use this building’s importance to bring the art of film to the community. They are bringing more than just entertainment to their audience-they are bringing inspiration.

“Our plan for the venue is to create a true community space around film as an art form,” said Logan.


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